Amnesiac Elf Razorgirl


A tall, skinny blonde elf, Slip favors a slightly goth, slightly punk aesthetic-undershaved hair, lots of tattoos, scruffy black clothes, and her ever present stompy boots.

Slip woke up in an alleyway behind Charlie’s, a Redmond bar favored by orks and trolls, in July of 2050. Wearing nothing but underwear, severely beaten, and with a gunshot wound to the chest, it was clear she had been left for dead by someone. Fortunately for Slip, Charlie, along with some of his regulars, are the sort of guys that can’t just leave someone to die, even if she is an elf. Charlie had just planned on letting her recover enough to be able to fend for herself on the streets of the Barrens, but, one night as he was closing up, a group of young punks broke in to rob the place. Much to Charlie’s surprise, the elf waif launched into action, defending the place with her hand razors and wired reflexes, making quick work of the would-be robbers. Grateful, Charlie offered her a job as a bouncer, where she quickly earned a reputation as both somewhat crazy, and absolutely not someone to be taken lightly, even if most of the bars patron’s had a huge size advantage over her. A few months later, mutual acquaintances introduced her to Swan, a human street sam, who recruited her to join his Shadowrunning team.

Slip now regularly goes on runs with Swan and his compatriots, and has become quick friends with the group, especially Val, the human physical adept, and Mouse, the elf decker/mage. She and Mouse now share an apartment in the basement of the bar the group owns; Mouse looks after Slip, and Slip returns the favor by offering her (often slightly misaimed) protections to her surrogate brother. Through her friendship with Mouse, she discovered that she is fluent in Russian, and that several of her tattoos mark her as “valuable property” to the vory, with a possible origin in Moscow. She has also embarked on a relationship with an Ancients gang member named Crash.

All is not completely golden for Slip, of course. She is plagued by violent flashbacks where she is the victim of both physical and psychological tortures at the hands of apparent vory enforcers. And, of course, these flashbacks just lead to further questions about who she is, and why someone left her for dead in Redmond. Mouse was able to uncover rumors that a hitwoman for the Vory, known as the Red Death, had been active in Seattle and was possibly lost or dumped around the time Slip woke up behind Charlie’s. Slip deals with this psychological trauma in generally unhealthy ways-she’s addicted to bliss, but will turn to pretty much any drug, alcohol, or BTLs to escape from the pain.

More recently, while Swan was casing the probable location where a Renraku exec target was being held, he witnessed a woman who looked exactly like Slip in the area, accompanied by known Vory members. That the Renraku exec was then found mutilated raises further questions.