"Lily," Lasairiona Siofra Steele

Seductress Totem Elf Shaman


Born May 17, 2030, in a rural portion of Sinsearch tribal territory; Lasairiona Steele was the child of two young elves who had moved from Seattle to the area to be part of the founding of the tribe. Her father, Artair, was a bear totem shaman trained in medicine, and her mother, Nella, was a talismonger.

Lasairiona’s early childhood was idyllic, spent playing near their wilderness home and watching her parents’ magical dealings; after the first few years of her life, though, the peace was broken by the increasing frequency of arguments between her free spirit of a mother and her serious, strict father. These fights often ended with Nella leaving her husband and small daughter behind while she traveled to Seattle for days or even weeks at a time to blow off steam. She always returned, however, until one such jaunt in early 2039. News of the violence of the Night of Rage soon reached the family’s home; Nella, however, was never heard from again.

Both moved by the plight of the refugees gathering in what would become Tarislar, and desperately hoping that his wife was among them, Artair gathered up the 9-year-old Lily and traveled to Tarislar to serve the medical and spiritual needs of the people there. Not only was there no news of Nella, but border closures soon meant that the shaman and his daughter were trapped in the newly forming community. Mourning the loss of his wife, Artair hoped to protect his daughter from the dangers of the world by raising her in an increasingly strict fashion-speaking almost exclusively Spetheriel at home, allowing only limited technology, and educating his daughter extensively in the magic and lore she’d need to follow in his footsteps.

"Lily," Lasairiona Siofra Steele

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