"Crash" Nicholas Arun

Ancients gang enforcer


Born in Tacoma, Crash was 14 when he, his parents, and infant sister were rounded up during the Night of Rage. In the resulting violence Crash’s father was killed. The rest of the family fled to Tarislar. There, the teenage Crash soon became involved in the Ancients, where he rose through the ranks as an enforcer. Though his mother, a nurse, disapproves of her son’s criminal activities, the money he sends home keeps the family fed-so mother and son have an unspoken agreement to simply accept things as they are, so long as around his little sister never finds out about her brother’s activities.

Relationships-since early spring of 2051, Crash has been in a relationship with the elven razorgirl Slip.

Physical description-tall for an elf (6’ 8") with tan skin, brown eyes, and a shaved head.

"Crash" Nicholas Arun

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